Hi, my name is Carlos Vieira, and I am an administrator of Photography Wikia.

Photography[edit | edit source]

The first camera I held was my mother's Olympus Trip 35. However I only really started in photography when I bought a camera to carry with me on a trip to the Andes. It was a very basic Olympus digital point and shoot with a fixed focal length of about 35mm (eq.).

Then I bought a Konica Minolta Z6. With equivalent 35-400mm zoom, I grew my photography concepts a lot with it - definitely a great camera to learn. But, with such a wide zoom range, image quality was a bit disappointing - I was spending a lot of time in post processing and didn't like it. Before Minolta grew long on the teeth, I bought a light tripod - the best acquisition I made so far. I can take it with me anytime I want and it enables things that I neglected before. When living in Germany, I bought myself a Fuji S700, with a smaller zoom range but a higher usable sensitivity, I could expand my little knowledge in night photography a bit.

But then I found my Pentax ME Super on German ebay and have fallen in love with film since. I rarely shoot digital nowadays and I'm having a lot of fun.

Contact[edit | edit source]

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