A wiki can't do too well without a community to build it. Unfortunately, wherever there is a large collection of people, there's bound to be some conflict. Here are a few guidelines for participating in a wiki community.


Be civil and respectful to others here. A wiki only works if there is a community to build it. You don't have to agree with or like everyone, but being civil to everyone is necessary. Everyone is asked not to make uncivil remarks, but if you see one, don't respond rudely yourself. There's always a better way to solve a dispute.

No personal attacksEdit

Criticize the action, not the person! "Your article has some mistakes in it" is a lot more helpful than "you're an idiot". Personal attacks are not acceptable here.

Assume good faithEdit

A recent study shows that people are much worse at interpreting the tone of written comments than they think! And an action that may seem annoying or inexplicable might have some other reason behind it. Respond to people as if they have acted in good faith, even if you think it's unlikely. It may stop an argument before it starts.

Don't bite the newbiesEdit

Whether it's someone who says something completely wrong about a photo technique or someone who hasn't got the hang of editing a wiki yet, we've all been newbies. Help them instead of scaring them off, and they'll learn how to do it right the next time, instead of never coming back.

Enjoy yourselfEdit

This is supposed to be fun! If you find yourself getting into conflict, or feeling stressed out over things on the wiki, step back and do something else. Take a break! (And maybe some pictures.)

Ask for helpEdit

If you find yourself if a dispute that's getting hot, post on the community portal and ask for someone to step in: an outside eye can go a long way toward resolving disputes.

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