This is a list of flashguns that work well used off camera, often with other flashguns of same or different make and model.

Features to look for Edit

  • Manual setting
  • Manual power settings down to 1/32 or 1/64, or 1/16 in a pinch
  • PC cord terminal
  • Internal slave
  • CLS system capabilities (especially if used with TTL features)
  • Doesn't fall asleep - power save mode can be irritating if it can't be turned off in manual

Features that can be problematic Edit

  • Power save mode
  • High trigger voltage - some modern DSLR's can be damaged.
  • Automatic zoom feature

Strobist friendly flashgun models Edit

  • Digital Concepts 952AF (rebranded Exakta DPZ 38AF)
  • Dörr DAF42 (rebranded Exakta DPZ 38AF)
  • Exakta DPZ 38AF (available mainly in Eastern Europe. Optical slave, TTL, Manual ratio to 1/16)
  • Nikon SB900, SB800, SB600 (compatible with latest CLS)
  • Nikon SB26 etc - used manually
  • Sakar 952AF (rebranded Exakta DPZ 38AF)
  • Soligor DG-420 Z (rebranded Exakta DPZ 38AF)
  • Sunpak 383 (and virtually identical models. Slightly high trigger voltage)
  • Sunpak 422D (Very inexpensive nowadays, swivel/tilt head, safe trigger voltage)
  • Sunpak 433D (Very inexpensive nowadays, swivel/tilt head, safe trigger voltage)
  • Vivitar 283 (cheap and powerful, but dont stick it on your camera's hotshoe!!!)
  • Vivitar 285 (cheap and powerful, but also dangerous to digitals due to high trigger voltage)
  • Vivitar 285HV (cheap, powerful, safe for digital cameras)

Please add more flashguns and more features.

NB, I don't know for sure who's actually manufacturing the Exakta - might actually be Sakar?

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