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The ability to fix a photo after it has been taken has been available since the arrival of digital cameras. Initially one was dependent on whatever software came with the camera. Since then, a variety of low and high software options have become available on a more generic basis. As long as you can get your photo onto a computer, it can be edited. On the high end are programs such as The GIMP and Photoshop, that allow all kinds of modifications to be done. At the low end are program such as F-Spot Photo, Digicam, and others that, while limited in capability, happen to be easier to use for such things as cropping and rotating pictures.

Windows Linux Macintosh
Adobe Photoshop Yes No Yes
GIMP Yes (With GTK) Yes Yes (With X11)
Digicam No Yes no
F-Spot Photo No Yes no
Irfanview Yes No no