Most cameras today come with a built in flash. On SLR cameras, it's a pop-up flash. But advanced cameras usually have a hot-shoe where you can mount a flashgun. These flashguns can also be used off the camera. To do that, you'll need some kind of flash trigger. These are the main types of flash triggers:

Cable Edit

  • PC cable
  • Other sync cable
  • TTL cable

Optical slave Edit

  • Fires a flash if they see another flash fire. With modern digital cameras, these are often fooled by preflash that often can't be turned off. There are digital slaves that won't be fooled, but they're more expensive. Works as long as the slave sees a flash go off. Gets triggered by other photographers' flashes. Works best with solo shooters.

Infrared transmitter Edit

  • These work on slave triggered flashes that are sensitive to infrared. Slide it into your hot-shoe and fire away. They're line of sight, and probably work best in a studio environment with one shooter.

CLS Edit

  • Nikon - dedicated flash system. Line of sight. Multiple dedicated flashguns can be controlled from the camera or a master flashgun.

Radio Transmitter Edit

  • Pocket Wizard
  • Cybersync
  • Chinese branded triggers (often nicknamed as eBay triggers, phucket wizards or poverty wizards)
    • Gadget Infinity`s Cactus series
    • YongNuo`s PT-04
    • YongNuo`s CTR-301
  • Spot (Open source trigger)

This is just a start. We can add subpages with specific info on triggers, or keep some of the info here. The Poverty wizards come in many types. We could add a table with info on them - like what kind of battery the various types use, and which ones are compatible with other types.

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