Digital cameras are of various types from a simple web-cam to a full fledge SLR digital cam. It captures image in various formats like jpg bmp on the digital memory.

After arrival of digital camera the world of photography have changed a lot. Many more people can try their hands at photography with lesser cost and lower effect on environment.

There are various parameters by which digital cameras are categorized with

Optical Zoom

Zoom is enlargement of the view achieved before clicking the photograph. Optical zoom is achieved by the lens. The camera rating of optical zoom is usually specified as *X optical zoom. ie 3X optical zoom gives you about 3 times closer image. In certain cameras additional lens can be added to achieve higher optical zoom

Digital Zoom


Digital photograph is made of thousands and thousands of dots. These dots are called pixel. Mega-pixel rating gives number of dots the camera would generate for a creating a photograph.

A 5MP camera will create a photograph with 5 x 1,000,000 pixel/dots in it. As a rule of thumb Higher the Mega-Pixel clearer the picture. Also if you want to print the photographs it is better to have a camera with 3MP minimum, while 5MP would be better.

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