Camera Clubs are generally formed by photographers wishing to share their experience with other photographers. Any number of related activities such as photographic outings to interesting locations, exhibitions, competitions and social activities are common.

In past the club premises usually facilitate in photographic equipment, a dark room, a studio. Recently computers with image editing software, printers and scanners have also become commonplace.

Previously all such clubs were geographic specific. But now with the advent of the internet and digital photography many of the communal activities of a camera club have been transferred to the on-line environment. Now there are plenty of photography-based on-line communities who frequent discussion forums and galleries, sharing their work and commenting on others, as well as holding competitions. Reviewing, testing and talking about photographic equipment is also common within such communities. There are number of old times Camera Clubs, previously geographic specific, and still retain their traditional names, are now providing their contents and major part of activities online.

A list of camera clubs by region.



Before independence, the areas now part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan had so many Camera Clubs. Mostly organized within clubs serving the needs of British and Military officers, the Camera Clubs were part of other social activities as well as sharing the ideas and practices. Famous of them were Karachi Camera Club, Lahore Camera Club and Khyber Camera Club.

After independence, first of the sort so far identified, was established in Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) Kakul, Abbottabad. However the nature of this club again was provision of pass time.

Number of Camera Clubs are operating in Pakistan today within educational institutions and metropolitan cities. Perhaps the most active are Karachi Camera Club and Islamabad Camera Club. At cyber space at Flickr one of the most active group is The Camera Club of Pakistan at .

At facebooks another active body is Photography Club of Pakistan

Europe Edit

Gibraltar (Europe)

Gibraltar Photographic Society [1]

United Kingdom

Edmonton Camera Club [2]
James Maude Camera Club [3]
South Manchester Camera Club [4]

North America Edit

Canada Edit


Camera Club of Ottawa







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United States of America Edit

Berkeley, California

North Andover, Massachusetts

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Brazil Edit


The Florianópolis Flickr Group holds monthly outings and other activities catering to both digital and film shooters, from point and shoots to SLRs, street to studio.

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