• Crimson Avalanche

    World Press Photo 2016 judges have deliberated long and hard. The refugee crisis in Europe, the war in Syria, the Paris attacks, the devastating earthquake in Nepal and the clashes in the US set off by police shootings dominated the entries. Here is a selection of the prize-winning images

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  • Sersardesk

    "THE PHOTOGRAPHIC IMPORANCE": The photographs are the expressive, formational, visible documents of the important moments of one stagic characteristic evedents... Photographers can shoote the secret state squares of the most important, valuable film directors as easily archivable too... Photographs of the important photographers already can be the most importantant, original, referancial photographs for some amater beginners... The usages of the one group serial face photograps are like mirrors for a long times or stages for our auto-controlls... The face photograps of every body are identific, characteristic, personal necessity, obligation like "fingerprint, dactylogram" for officially recognisings a importance. The enstantaneaous photogr…

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  • Rosateneyuque

    Quick tip on Flash

    August 10, 2009 by Rosateneyuque

    When taking pictures with your point and shoot knowing your flash options a bit can go a long way. I have a quick tip on using your forced flash and suppressed flash modes.

    When using your forced flash (flash shoots in all conditions) it can help get better pictures for example I use it all the time on a sunny day taking pictures of my sun under a tree or anywhere that there is shade. Even if it is sunny the camera does not recognize that you are in a shady area and the pictures otherwise will come out with your subject dark and the surroundings bright. Setting your camera to this mode will ensure better pictures. Also use it when light is shining in the direction of the camera, this will also help not to get those dark subject photos.

    Now, …

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